Students on J-1 Visa

Travel Outside the U.S. and Re-entry Procedures

During your stay in the U.S. as a student, you may wish to leave the county for a temporary trip abroad. In order to return to the U.S. and continue your studies at Montclair State, you must get a current signature from the International Student Advisor for travel on your current form.

Documents required for re-entry into the U.S

  • Valid passport (must be valid for six months beyond the date of re-entry)
  • Valid J1 visa stamp in passport
  • DS-2019 form with a proper travel signature from an Advisor in International Services dated within last 6 months
  • Current Financial Documents (e.g., bank statement, affidavit of support) to prove that you can affor to live and study in the U.S.

Applying for Visas

If the date on your J1 visa stamp has expired or if you do not have an J1 visa stamp or if the visa is marked “single entry”, then you will need to renew your visa at a U.S. Consulate abroad before you will be allowed to reenter the United States.

A valid visa is required for entry into the United States except for entry from Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean for visits of less than 30 days (consult with an advisor for further information).

  • Visas can only be renewed at the U. S. Consulate in your home country or a third country.
  • A valid visa is only needed in order to enter the U.S. The visa does not have to be valid to remain in the U.S as long as you are following all regulations to maintain your legal status.

  • To apply for the visa, the U. S. Consulate will require a currently dated DS-2019 form, current evidence of financial support, and may require proof that you plan to return to your home country after you complete your studies.

  • Verify visa application procedures with the U.S. Consulate at which you plan to apply for a visa BEFORE you leave the United States. In some cases, there may be lengthy delays before a visa will be issued to you, thus affecting your return in time to attend classes. You may access the website for the respective U.S. Consulate you wish to visit

Students who have applied for Permanent Residency (Green Card Status)

Students who have applied for Permanent Residency (Green Card Status) should not travel out of the U.S. while their application is pending without first consulting with a qualified immigration attorney or with an advisor in International Services.

Traveling to Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean

Students from most countries may not need a valid U.S. visa to return to the U.S. from these countries if the visit is for less than 30 days. However the rules are complex depending on what country you are from. Always obtain a travel signature on your DS-2019 form and consult with an International Student Advisor before traveling to these countries.