About Us

Chair: Quinn Vega
Vice Chair: Jessica Restaino

The Graduate Council is the primary all-University advisory body responsible for the development and review of Graduate School policy and the review of graduate curriculum. The Graduate Council makes curriculum and policy recommendations to the Provost. These include review and recommendation about new graduate programs and revisions in existing graduate programs. The Graduate Council also recommends general graduate admission requirements and guidelines for admission to specific graduate programs. The Graduate Council also recommends guidelines for the admission of faculty to graduate faculty status.

The Graduate Council is comprised of 23 voting members, including 14 faculty elected by Colleges/Schools, 3 faculty appointed by the Provost, and 6 student representatives (s)elected by Colleges/Schools. Non-voting members include the Director of Graduate Admissions, Directors of Colleges/Schools, the Director of Library Services, a union observer for AFT Local 1904, and members of the Graduate Admissions support staff.

The council has three subcommittees: the Curriculum Committee, Policy Committee and Doctoral Committee.  For a description of each committee's responsibilities and membership, click here.