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In 1998, Montclair State University became the first of New Jersey’s public institutions of higher education to join Rutgers University in offering a doctoral degree. Today, more than 270 students at Montclair State are enrolled in doctoral programs in Audiology; Communication Sciences and Disorders; Counselor Education; Environmental Management; Family Studies; Mathematics Education; and Teacher Education and Teacher Development.

As a doctoral student, we know life can sometimes get overwhelming. Please allow this page to provide guidance and answer your questions as needed. Of course, we are always available to discuss anything that you have trouble finding on our website!


Doctoral Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

Doctoral Forms

The Doctoral Dissertation: A Step-by-Step Guide Through the Policy

Doctoral Dissertation Defense Schedule

Commencement Information for Doctoral Students

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Doctoral Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

As a doctoral student at Montclair State University, you should be familiar with our Graduate Policy Manual 2017-2018. While we work to keep this document updated, policies are subject to change. Please do not hesitate to contact The Graduate School with any questions.

Doctoral Forms

General forms can be found in the Forms section of our website.

Beginning with the passing of your qualifying assessment and admission to candidacy, there is a series of doctoral-specific forms that you will be required to complete within your department and submit to The Graduate School:

If you are an Audiology student, you are required to submit the following forms only:

The Doctoral Dissertation: A Step-by-Step Guide Through the Policy

Please use this section to help guide you through the administrative process of the Doctoral Dissertation.

Carefully read the Dissertation Procedures and Guidelines Manual 2017-2018‌. This will answer the majority of your questions regarding The Graduate School's role in your dissertation.

An Overview of the Doctoral Dissertation Procedures and Guidelines

-Notification of Completion of the Qualifying Assessment and Notification of Admission to Doctoral Candidacy is completed by the department

-The student's committee is formed and The Graduate School is notified using the Approval of the Dissertation Committee and Request for Approval of Outside Dissertation Committee Member (as needed) forms

-The student's proposal is approved and The Graduate School is notified using the Approval of the Dissertation Proposal form

-The student's manuscript is completed and the student, with their committee, has selected a tentative date for the dissertation defense. The student conveys this to The Graduate School by submitting the Application for Dissertation Defense Date form, along with one hard copy of the dissertation. Before submitting this form to The Graduate School, the student should supply each of their committee members with a hard copy as well.

-Within 24 hours of the student's defense, the Report of Dissertation Defense form is submitted to The Graduate School.

-The student prepares the signature page, as described in the Doctoral Dissertation Procedures and Guidelines, and submits an electronic copy to The Graduate School at for approval.

-Once the signature page is approved by The Graduate School, the student prints the signature page on white 20- to 24-pound watermarked bond paper, as described in the manual (NOTE: The student should use the same paper that he or she intends to use to print the final copies of his or her dissertation to be bound). The student should print the same number of copies of the signature page as they intend to print of their dissertation for binding (each bound dissertation must have an original signature page). The copy/copies of the signature page should then be circulated among the committee and submitted to The Graduate School.

-Once any necessary changes are made to the manuscript and it is ready for printing and publication, an electronic copy is submitted to The Graduate School at NOTE: prior to submitting the manuscript for review by The Graduate School, please see the Dissertation Final Review Checklist.

-The Graduate School will review the manuscript for formatting requirements, as described in the Doctoral Dissertation Procedures & Guidelines. Any necessary changes will be communicated with the student. Once the manuscript is finalized, The Graduate School will assemble the final copy of the dissertation, including the completed signature page, and send a .pdf of the file to the student.

-The student will be instructed to submit the file for publication through UMI, using the steps provided in the Doctoral Dissertation Procedures & Guidelines. NOTE: The student should be sure to request that UMI file for copyright on their behalf, unless the student has other plans to do so on their own. The student should NOT order bound copies of their dissertation through UMI. Copies ordered from UMI will not be guaranteed by Montclair State University.

-The student will be instructed to print the hard copies for binding. The student must submit one hard copy to be filed in the Library. Any additional copies will be returned to the student after binding, for their personal use. The binding fee is $35 for each copy, including the Library copy.

-The student will deliver the hard copies, neatly separated, to The Graduate School, along with two checks:

Binding fee, made out to Sprague Library: $35 per copy

Dissertation filing fee, made out to Montclair State University: $100

-The student will complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates, as described in the Doctoral Dissertation Procedures & Guidelines

*As a note, you may browse previously submitted dissertations within the Dissertation Abstract Online database on the Sprague Library website at

Doctoral Dissertation Defense Schedule

As defenses are scheduled, they will appear below in chronological order.

Note: All students eligible for graduation within the current academic year (August 2017, January 2018, or May 2018) are included.

NameProgramDissertation TitleDate & TimeLocationDissertation Chair
Dalton, Mary L. Mathematics Education Characterizing the "Realistic-ness" of Word Problems in Secondary Mathematics Textbooks

7/6/17 3:00pm

Richardson Hall, room 224A Dr. Eileen Fernandez
White, Ebony Counselor Education Exceptional but not an exception: Understanding how African American women make their way

7/19/17 1:00pm

University Hall, room 4116 Dr. Amanda Baden
Locke, Anna Flores Counselor Education Latino Doctoral Students in Counseling: Negotiating Professional Identity within a Predominantly White Profession

7/20/17 2:00pm

University Hall, room 3004 Dr. Dana Heller Levitt
Janosko, Ashley Counselor Education The Relationship Between Professional Development Engagement, Career Decision Making Self-Efficacy, and Athletic Identity in College Students vs. College Student Athletes

7/27/17 12:30pm

University Hall, room 3054 Dr. W. Matthew Shurts
Burli, Pralhad Environmental Management Economic and Environmental Assessment of Advanced Biofuels Adoption Under Uncertainty, Farmer Willingness, and Land Use Implications

10/17/17 9:30am

Center for Environmental and Life Sciences, room 207 Dr. Pankaj Lal


 Please contact with any changes to the schedule above.

Commencement Information for Doctoral Students

The Montclair State University Commencement website, at, is the official source for all University Commencement information. Details provided below are offered for convenience purposes only, and each student is responsible for confirming all information on the official MSU Commencement website, indicated above.


January 2018 Graduate School Commencement (for Doctoral candidates on the August 2017 or January 2018 graduation lists):

Date: Sunday, January 14, 2018

Time: 12:00 pm

Location: New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, NJ



Order Academic Regalia for January Commencement: TBD

Doctoral students may order either a Keepsake Doctoral Regalia Package (price TBD) or a Fine Quality Custom Regalia Package (price TBD). Fine Quality Custom Regalia Packages are recommended for students who will pursue faculty positions. Please contact Stacy Pinto, at, to arrange to view samples of the different types of doctoral regalia.

Once the ordering time frame is announced, regalia orders must be made at:

Register to Attend January Commencement: TBD

Registration for January Commencement is managed through Marching Order at

Submit Doctoral Graduate Ceremony and Regalia Information Form: TBD

This is required for all doctoral students who have completed their degree requirements in August 2017 or will be completing their degree requirements in January 2018, whether you plan to attend Commencement or not. Please indicate your plans for the May Commencement Ceremony by completing the Doctoral Graduate Ceremony and Regalia Information Form found at If you plan to attend the January Ceremony, you must order your regalia and register to attend Commencement, as described above, prior to submitting this form.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the information provided on this page, please contact the Graduate Student Services Coordinator, Stacy Pinto, at