Current Graduate Assistants

Fall 2016 Newly Appointed Assistantship Orientations

All newly appointed assistants are required to attend an orientation in September. If you have questions about your specific orientation, please contact

College of Education & Human Services: 9/6/16, 4:00pm - 5:00pm, University Hall, room 1010

College of Humanities & Social Sciences: 9/7/16, 3:00pm - 4:00pm, Dickson Hall, Cohen Lounge

College of Science & Mathematics: 9/8/16, 3:30pm - 4:30pm, Science Hall room 102, Sokol Room

Teaching Assistant Orientation Workshop: 9/12/16, 1:00pm - 3:00pm, University Hall, ADP Center, Room 1142

School of Business: 9/13/16, 12:00pm - 1:00pm, Feliciano School of Business room 570

Communication Sciences and Disorders (Audiology AuD; Speech Language Pathology MA): 9/14/16, 3:00pm - 4:00pm, Broad Street, Room 2113

College of the Arts: 9/15/16, 3:00pm - 4:00pm, Dean's Conference Room, Morehead Room 247

Forms and Assistantship Related Documents

Direct Deposit Form

Federal W-4 Form

State W-4 Form

I-9 Acceptable Docs

Assistantship Underenrollment Request Form

Assistantship Payment

Pay Periods and Paydates are outlined at 2016-2017 Assistantship Paydates

NOTE: If you have never received payment from Montclair State University via Direct Deposit in the past, your first paycheck will be issued as a paper check that you can pick up in Payroll, College Hall room 314, beginning 9/23/16. If you have a completed Direct Deposit form on file, your Direct Deposit will become active for the 10/7/16 payment.

If you experience an issue with your payment, please e-mail Stacy Pinto directly, at

Frequently Asked Questions for Current Assistants


Q: I've completed all of my paperwork with Human Resources, including the I-9, and have been working for four weeks -- but I haven't received a direct deposit yet. When will I be paid?

A: For newly hired employees, the first paycheck is always issued as a paper check, which is available for pickup at the Payroll office in College Hall room 314. After the initial payment, and assuming there were no problems with your direct deposit form, all subsequent payments will be issued via direct deposit.


Q: Will I be assigned an early registration priority because of my assistantship?

A: Yes. As a student holding an assistantship, you will be assigned an early registration priority. The specifics of your priority will be determined by the Registrar's office prior to the Fall and Spring registration windows. Questions regarding your registration priority should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.


Q: Do I have to work during Spring Break?

A: Yes. As indicated in your contract, you are expected to work whenever the University is open. Your schedule during Spring Break, or any other unique time of the year, should be determined between you and your Supervisor.


Q: I graduate this semester and I don't have 9 credits left to take in my program -- can I still hold an assistantship?

A: Yes! There are several situations that will allow you to be enrolled in fewer than 9 credits for a given semester. These include:

1. It is your final semester and you do not have additional program requirements (you must be on the current graduation list)
2. There are no classes in your program of study that are available this semester
3. The need for pre-requisites prohibits you from enrolling in additional program requirements

In order to be approved for underenrollment, you must submit the Assistantship Underenrollment Request Form, linked above in the Forms section, during the prescribed Add/Drop period.


Q: Can I hold another on-campus position while I hold an assistantship?

A: Generally, no. There are few exceptions to this rule, including grant-funded research during the weeks after May graduation, before the termination of your contract on June 30th, and serving as instructor of record for a summer session course. In order to be given an exception, you must request permission from The Graduate School prior to accepting an on-campus position.


Q: I'm student teaching this semester. Can I still hold an assistantship?

A: No. You cannot hold an assistantship during the semester that you are student teaching.


Q: The semester started already and my tuition remission still hasn't been applied. Should I pay my tuition myself?

A: Assistantship tuition remission can be applied any time from the date you were appointed through the third week of September, after the Add/Drop period, as long as your paperwork was submitted prior to September 1. Any late fee that is directly associated with the basic per-credit tuition and fees (Computer Tech fee; Student Services fee; Facilities fee) will be removed once the tuition remission is applied. However, you are responsible for settling the balance for any charges that are not covered by your assistantship. This includes, but is not limited to housing, health insurance, the international student fee, and fees that are associated with specific courses or labs.


Q: Other students holding assistantships have different compensation than I do. Why aren't we paid the same amount/given the same amount of tuition remission?

A: Assistantship packages can vary greatly from student to student, depending on the resources of the department, the source of funding (i.e. grant-funded assistantships), or your program of study (packages vary for the MBA, Music, MFA, and Doctoral programs). Additionally, the amount of your paycheck(s) is dependent on the tax withholding information that you provided on your W-4 forms when you were initially hired.


Q: If I don't use all of the credits of tuition remission that were available to me this year, can I use them in the next academic year?

A: No. Tuition remission does not carry over from year to year. You cannot bank credits and you cannot borrow credits. If you do not use all of the credits that were included in your assistantship package for the current academic year, you will lose them.


Q: My assistantship contract doesn't end until June 30th. Is there a way I can avoid paying a daily parking rate from the end of the Spring semester through June?

A: Yes. Parking Services offers a Summer permit. The cost of this permit for the Summer of 2016 is $50. You may purchase the permit through Parking Services.


Q: Do I have to submit a time sheet to be paid?

A: No. Students who are receiving a stipend as a part of their assistantship package will automatically be paid on a bi-weekly basis. The total stipend will be broken up evenly throughout the term of the assistantship. However, please note that you should defer to your Assistantship Supervisor regarding the appropriate procedure for tracking or logging your hours within your department. NOTE: Students who hold an assistantship within the College of Education and Human Services are required to complete time sheets through their Dean's office. If you need information on this process, you may contact Associate Dean Dr. Suzanne McCotter at