New Clinical Forensic Psychology Program for Graduate Students

Montclair State University’s Department of Psychology is proud to announce a brand-new Masters-level program in Clinical Forensic Psychology. This emerging discipline explores the crossroad between psychology and the law, a field that is growing in popularity and academic interest because understanding the way the mind works is increasingly important for our legal and criminal justice systems.

It is estimated that fifty percent of detained juveniles and incarcerated adults have co-occurring mental health disorders.

Our flexible program is optimized for the demands of the working professionals and lets students select a focus on either criminal or civil-family law. This new Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology program with a concentration in Forensic Psychology is an outgrowth of our popular graduate certificate programs in Forensic Psychology. It also includes an externship to give students more hands-on, real-world experience in the field.

Two tracks: Focus on criminal or civil-family law
For students selecting the program’s criminal focus, they will explore topics such as criminal competence and responsibility, violence and risk assessment, psychopathy and predatory behavior. The focus on civil and family law, then, will review areas including child abuse and neglect, juvenile justice, parental fitness and termination of parental rights, divorce and marital dissolution, child custody and parenting time and domestic violence.

Flexible program designed for a variety of students
The program is designed for graduate students, licensed, or license- or board-eligible psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, psychiatrists, licensed professional counselors, psychiatric nurses and other licensed health professionals seeking greater knowledge in this evolving field. Our programs allow for intensive clinical supervision in forensic settings or clinical practice leading toward eligibility for professional licensure or diplomate status. Using a mix of training methods gives opportunities for students to interact with professionals from many specialties to achieve this degree.

Cutting-edge instruction
Our courses are taught by experts in the field. Dr. Anthony D’Urso is a licensed clinical psychologist who has given expert testimony in numerous cases including three Supreme Court cases citing his opinions. His primary focuses are Child Psychopathology, Forensic Psychology and Victimization/PTSD in Children. Dr. Jason Dickinson is Director of the Robert D. McCormick Center for Child Advocacy and Policy and his research focuses on forensic interviewing, eyewitness memory and testimony, disclosure of child sexual abuse, and the psychology of police interrogations and suspect confessions. Dr. Tina Zottoli is also a licensed clinical psychologist providing forensic evaluation and expert testimony in civil and criminal cases. Her expertise is in adolescent neurocognitive development and decision-making. She also maintains an active research program centered on questions relevant to juvenile justice policy.

We offer rolling admissions for this program. Admissions are open in advance of each course cycle. Visit our Forensic Psychology pages for details on admissions requirements. For more information on the program, contact Anthony D'Urso, Psy.D., Program Advisor at or 973-655-5296.

This new program adds to Montclair State University’s robust Department of Psychology. Founded in 1967, the department boasts more than 1,300 undergraduate majors, making it one of the most popular majors at Montclair State University. Our faculty of 28 distinguished scholars, researchers, and lecturers focused on wide-ranging topics in the field, including neuroscience, organizational development, research and experimental methodologies, clinical psychology, cognitive science, eating disorders, perception and sensation.

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