Assistantship Enrollment Requirement

As a reminder, students holding assistantships are required to be enrolled as full-time students, with a minimum of 9 credits, during the Fall and Spring semesters unless other arrangements have been made. Acceptable arrangements include, but are not limited to:

1. It is your final semester and you do not have additional program requirements (you must be on an appropriate graduation list)
2. There are no classes in your program of study that are available this semester
3. The need for pre-requisites prohibits you from enrolling in additional program requirements (this may include a specific course or qualifying experience)

If you are enrolled in fewer than 9 credits for the Fall 2016 semester and would like to be approved for one of the above exceptions to the enrollment requirement, or to request a different exception, you must submit the Assistantship Underenrollment Request Form, found at, no later than September 14, 2016, which is the end of the Add/Drop period.

Note: If you are having trouble with registration, please contact The Graduate School at or 973-655-5147.