Important Information Regarding the Revised GRE Test

Plans to offer a Revised GRE Exam have been cancelled.

Educational Testing Services, the administrator of the GRE General Test, recently announced that a revised version of the GRE test would be offered beginning in September 2007. THESE PLANS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED.

Concerned about access for test takers, ETS has decided to continue to offer the GRE general test in its current computer-based, continuous testing format.

This is great news for Fall applicants and applicants to programs that have Fall Deadlines! Since nothing is changing, you can plan to register for the GRE General Test in order to complete your application requirements without concern.

This is also great news for applicants who are located in India, China, and Japan. Registration for the GRE General Test was closed in recent weeks, and will now be reopened to accommodate test takers in those locations.

Students should continue studying the current version of the GRE General Test. The Office of Graduate Admissions & Support Services at MSU will continue using this version until further notice. Students should visit the Education Testing Services website at for a complete list of details and requirements. The ETS website is also a great resources for students and provides sample questions and study tips for students preparing for the exam. If you have additional questions regarding the GRE exam feel free to contact the Office of Graduate Admissions & Support Services at 973-655-5147 or via email at