April 24: Adult and Organizational Learning Master's Program Information Session

Montclair State University is pleased to announce a new MA in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Adult and Organizational Learning

Preparing leaders to facilitate workplace learning and improve organizational performance

Saturday, April 24
1:00 – 2:00pm
University Hall 1040
To register, please visit our Registration Web Site

The MA in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Adult and Organizational Learning is a practice-driven program that prepares leaders who facilitate the growth and transformation of institutions by linking workplace learning to improved organizational performance. With a strong theoretical foundation and a practical structure framed around the principles of adult learning and organizational development, the program will provide students with the academic background and professional preparation to become accomplished performance professionals.

 The Master of Arts Program in Educational Leadership with a concentration in adult and organizational learning (AOL) offers several advantages:

  • Alternate delivery opportunities including online, hybrid, weekend, or face to face courses that help active professionals balance work, family and school
  • The ability to gain foundational and technical skills in leadership, and customize an area of practice such as business and industry, human resources, higher education, or health and social services 
  • The opportunity to study closely with experienced faculty and staff who are recognized for their expertise in adult learning and performance, design and training, organizational assessment, and consultation
  • A competitive advantage in today’s knowledge-based economy  to create a learning culture that supports employee development, a high level of engagement, and opportunities to achieve higher performance

For more information, please contact Eunice Grippaldi, Graduate Program Coordinator, at grippaldie@mail.montclair.edu or 973-655-7216.