Ph.D. in Teacher Education and Teacher Development

Candidates for the PhD in Teacher Education and Teacher Development will complete a minimum of 60 semester hours beyond a relevant master's degree from an accredited institution. Those 60 semester hours are distributed as follows:

  • Proseminars designed to introduce students to the central questions in teacher education and teacher development and matters of student diversity, develop fundamental knowledge and skills, and create a professional learning community (6 semester hours).
  • Core courses intended to cultivate specialized knowledge and skills regarding the design and implementation of programs of pre-service teacher preparation, induction of novice teachers, and the ongoing professional development of in-service teachers (21 semester hours).
  • Electives intended to give students options in deepening their understanding of specific areas in teacher education (9 semester hours).
  • Research courses that give participants the tools needed by critical consumers and producers of research (12 semester hours).
  • Dissertation research in which students demonstrate their ability to apply specialized knowledge in the field and research knowledge and skills to empirically investigate an important problem in teacher education (12 semester hours).
    Courses in the program (3 semester hours each) are listed below.

The course requirements listed below apply to those students admitted on or after Fall 2013. Anyone admitted prior to this term should refer to their Analysis of Academic Progress on WESS or see your academic advisor for your official program of study.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)