Gifted and Talented Education (Certificate)

Fully online gifted and talented education graduate certificate. Now accepting applications for our spring 2017 program start.

The Gifted and Talented Education graduate certificate is designed for aspiring and practicing classroom teachers, resource specialists, educational consultants, administrators, and parents. The program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully teach students who demonstrate exceptional performance in intellectual, creative, or artistic areas as well as students who could benefit from specialized instruction and activities within specific content areas. The certificate program will also help students develop expertise in planning, developing, administering, and evaluating the efficacy and impact of gifted and talented programs in schools, cultural institutions, and community settings.

The certificate will teach you to:

  • Employ rigorous techniques for identifying gifted and talented learners
  • Differentiate instruction in order to meet the specific needs of gifted and talented learners
  • Create instructional contexts and activities that promote creative problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Plan, develop, implement, and maintain a gifted and talented program in schools or community settings
  • Assess gifted and talented students’ learning and evaluate the efficacy and impact of gifted and talented programs
  • Conceptualize gifted and talented education not only within intellectual and academic areas, but also in creative, artistic, and other endeavors
  • Work in partnership with the parents and family of gifted and talented learners

Career Opportunities

The State of New Jersey Department of Education requires all schools, kindergarten to grade 12, to have a board-approved gifted and talented program and for gifted and talented learners to be identified and provided with “appropriate adaptations and services.” With this provision and the continuing growth of gifted and talented education across the country, there are many career opportunities for aspiring and practicing classroom teachers, resource specialists, educational consultants, and administrators. Career opportunities include:

  • Teacher or instructor of gifted and talented children in a variety of content areas including science, math, humanities, language arts, technology and engineering and visual, musical, and performing arts
  • Director of a gifted and talented program
  • Program administrator-coordinator
  • Educational support personnel
  • Program assessment and evaluation specialist
  • Tutor of gifted and talented students
  • Curriculum specialist
  • Intervention specialist for gifted and talented students
  • Gifted and talented enrichment consultant

In addition to positions that are active during the regular school year, many gifted and talented programs are administered during the summer and winter months as well as during weekends.

Program of Study

The program of study for the certificate program in Gifted and Talented Education consists of three courses, all of which will be delivered using online technologies and will take advantage of the many available technological and instructional resources available at Montclair State University. Each of the three courses will be offered once each academic year and will be able to be taken in any order, therefore allowing students to complete the certificate within one academic year and giving students flexibility in scheduling their coursework.

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