Newark Montclair Urban Teacher Residency

Montclair State University, in partnership with the Newark Public Schools, is offering an innovative teacher preparation program known as the Newark Montclair Urban Teacher Residency (NMUTR). The NMUTR is an innovative apprenticeship-based program for individuals with a deep commitment to teaching and a strong interest in urban education. Working from the model of medical residencies, the NMUTR provides on-site education, intensive classroom experiences with a master teacher, and three years of mentoring and professional development in the schools where residents are hired to teach. Residents who successfully complete the program will simultaneously earn their Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and New Jersey teacher certification. Graduates of the NMUTR are required to make a three year commitment to teach in the Newark Public Schools.

Based on research about successful teacher preparation programs, the NMUTR:

  • Embeds residents from day one in the schools and classrooms of the Newark Public Schools, focusing their master’s degree coursework on classroom experiences;
  • Provides on-site coursework needed for a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and state teacher certification;
  • Matches the resident with a school-based master mentor teacher;
  • Provides graduates from the NMUTR with intensive induction support, mentoring, and professional development through the first three years of teaching;
  • Provides additional professional development support to mentor teachers and school leaders to reinforce the school’s focus on learning and continuous improvement at all levels;
  • Provides cohort support to residents who are passionate about teaching in the Newark Public Schools.

Participants in the NMUTR also benefit from the following:

  • A living stipend will be provided during the residency ($26,000 to $30,000)
  • A tuition waiver will be provided (approximately two-thirds of the tuition cost)
  • Hiring preference by the Newark Public Schools

Eligibility Early Childhood/Special Education

The NMUTR is open to college graduates who possess:

  • Passion and drive to become a transformative urban educator
  • Liberal arts or science degree with a minimum of 60 liberal arts credits
  • Cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Passing score on Praxis I
  • Passing scores on all required Praxis II exams
  • United States Citizenship
  • Genuine interest and strong commitment to teaching for a minimum of three years in the Newark Public Schools

All applications are considered in their entirety and selection is based on merit.

Additional Information

You may e-mail or call the following individuals at any time with any questions regarding the program or to schedule an appointment to meet regarding the NMUTR:

  • Susan Taylor, Director of the NMUTR (973) 655-6861
  • Michelle Shanahan, NMUTR Program Advisor (973) 655-2119

For more information, please download the NMUTR program information sheet here.