Health Benefits

2016 Open Enrollment Guide

2015 State Health Benefits Plan (SHBP)

The full list of medical plans available to State employees:

Aetna and Horizon Plan Comparisons:


HMO Plans:

*The Horizon HMO, Horizon HMO 1525, Horizon HMO 2030 and Horizon 2035.  The Horizon HMOs have a limited service area of New Jersey, Delaware, New York and bordering counties in Pennsylvania.

PPO Plans:

*NJ Direct 10 is not offered by the SHBP to State employees

High Deductible Health Plans:

Dependent Eligibility Documents

Wellness Program

The Wellness program NJWELL is going into its second year and is open to active employees who are enrolled in the SHBP and SEHBP. Spouses and eligible partners can also participate, as long as they are covered by the SHBP/SEHBP plan.  Through NJWELL employess receive incentives for participating in simple screenings, health assessments, and participating in other wellness and health lifestyle activities.  Information about NJWELL will also be posted on the Division's Website through links at:

2015 Health Capsule

‌If you have any questions or need assistance with this process, please contact Helen Caruso in the Office of Employee Benefits at 973 655-4394