Adjunct Professors, Visiting Specialists, Summer Session and Non-Regular Faculty

Listed below are the forms used by the Office of Employee Relations and Compensation in the Division of Human Resources to process the hiring of Adjunct Faculty, Visiting Specialists, and Summer Session/Non-Regular Faculty. If you have any problems using this page or downloading forms, please email

* Please note that any changes made to these Word templates without the consent of the Division of Human Resources will result in the form being returned to the appropriate Division or Department for resubmission on the HR version.

Form Name Purpose

Winter Session Adjunct Form

To hire Adjunct Faculty 

Adjunct Faculty Appointment Recommendation 

To hire Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Application and Qualification Form

To request a transfer of pension contributions to ABP or remain in PERS

Pension Questionnaire for Adjunct Faculty and Visiting Specialists

To determine the State pension status of Adjunct Faculty and Visiting Specialists 
Summer Session/Non-Regular Faculty Appointment Recommendation To hire Summer Session/Non-Regular Faculty 

Visiting Specialist Appointment Recommendation word

To hire Visiting Specialists 
MSU Transcript request form  To request a complimentary copy of transcripts for Adjuncts who are alumni