‌Unclassified employees are defined as faculty, librarians and professional staff who are governed by the NJ AFT Statewide Agreement. Managers and Directors are also unclassified employees. Forms relating to Managers can be found here.

Listed below are many of the forms frequently used for Unclassified Staff in the Division of Human Resources.  If you have any problems using this page or downloading forms, please email hr@mail.montclair.edu

* Please note that any changes made to these Word templates without the consent of the Division of Human Resources will result in the form being returned to the appropriate Division or Department for resubmission on the HR version. (Last updated 12/14)

Guidelines, Procedures and Policies



Performance-Based Promotion



Guide to Hiring Internationals at Montclair State University (Click on hiring guidelines)

Form Name Purpose
Activity Checklist To provide information on the recruiting and hiring of unclassified employees 

Ad Placement Preference Form 

To designate in which publications employment ads should be placed. 

Position Action Approval Form (PAAF)

To initiate employment actions

Position Announcement

To advertise faculty, managerial and professional staff vacancies 

Job Description Template

To document job duties, responsibilities, qualifications and educational requirements 

Recommendation for Appointment Form (For Faculty/Managerial/Professional Staff only)

To recommend appointmentment of a new manager or professional staff employee


Form Name Purpose

Application for Reclassification


To request an upgrade of a current professional staff position 
  To provide and recommend an annual reappointment contract of a professional staff employee 


Form Name Purpose

Annual Reappointment Recommendation Form

To evaluate and recommend (1 yr.) reappointment contract of a professional staff employee (AFT)

First Multi-Year Recommendation Form


To evaluate and recommend (3 yr.) reappointment contract of a professional staff employee (AFT)

Performance-Based Promotion

Form Name Purpose
Request for Performance-Based Promotion To apply for a performance-based promotion by a professional staff employee (AFT). 


Form Name Purpose

Employee Separation Form

To verify that employees leaving University employment have satisfied all responsibilities 
Exit Interview Questionnaire To obtain information from employees leaving the University 


Form Name Purpose

Outside Employment (AFT) 

To notify supervisors of Outside Employment by AFT members 

Outside Employment (Managers)

To request prior approval of Outside Employment by managerial staff 

Tuition Waiver/Reimbursement for AFT Unit Members 

To apply for a waiver or reimbursement of tuition cost

Tuition Waiver for AFT Dependents

To apply for a waver or reimbursement of tuition cost for dependents

Approval/Payment Form for Teaching Assignments for Managerial / Professional / Administrative Staff

To initiate payment for teaching 
Flex-Time Request Form‌  Information and Request for Flextime Work Schedule