Key Audiences

Prospective students and parents

For prospective students and parents, It’s all here conveys the ideal combination of suburban comfort and amenities plus comprehensive academic and professional opportunities.

Communications with this audience should seek to increase their interest in attending Montclair State by using the brand messages to emphasize:

  • The benefits of the on-campus environment.
  • The opportunities afforded by extensive off-campus connections.
  • Montclair State’s value proposition.
  • Successful outcomes for Montclair State graduates.


For alumni, It’s all here conveys the ideal combination of exciting growth and change that increases the value of their Montclair State degree together with the preservation of the historical values they treasured as students.

Communications with alumni should seek to strengthen their connection to and willingness to support the University by emphasizing:

  • The evolving academic and physical environment.
  • The priority on mentoring relationships.
  • Life-changing opportunities.

External friends and community

For targeted external audiences, It’s all here conveys the ideal combination of access to comprehensive higher education for the state’s citizens together with value returned to the state through the generation of knowledge and economic growth.

Targeted external communications to legislators, the funding/research community, media, school counselors, peers within higher education, business leaders and the community at large should seek to increase the public’s appreciation for the University by emphasizing:

  • The University’s service to the state.
  • Broad access to higher education.
  • Life-changing opportunities.