Mobile Teaching Station

Guidelines for Using the Mobile Teaching Station (MTS)

  • Use is limited to faculty, graduate assistants and MSU administrative units. (The MTS may be used by MSU administrative units when not reserved or in use for instructional purposes.)
  • To be used for Internet access, CD-ROM demonstrations, and DVD projection.
  • The user is responsible for installing and uninstalling of any software needed to run the demonstrations.
  • Personal software may not be loaded.
  • The MTS must be used in the Library.
  • The MTS should be reserved one week in advance.
  • Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The user must complete and sign an "Equipment Request" Form assuming responsibility for the MTS equipment while in their care.
  • The user will be given a copy of the guidelines for using the MTS.
  • The user is responsible for picking up from, and returning the MTS to, the Multimedia Resources Department (Sprague Library - Lower Level).
  • When the equipment is returned, the Multimedia Resources Department staff person is responsible for noting date returned and initialing the Form (a yellow copy will be given to the patron).

Please direct any questions or concerns to Chung-Hei Lone, Head of Multimedia Resources, at 973-655-7153 or