Preview Policy for Videos

MSU faculty members needing any videos for preview should contact the Head of the Multimedia Resources Department at 973-655-7153 or via email at Videos requested for preview are ordered by the Multimedia Resources Department Librarian and not through Acquisitions.

When the material is received by the Multimedia Resources Department, a temporary catalog record is created and the item is barcoded. The item is placed on hold and the faculty member requesting the material is notified. Depending on the amount of time that the item can be kept for preview, the material is charged for a 2-day loan period so that the faculty member requesting the material has a chance to preview it. The faculty member is responsible for returning the material to the Multimedia Resources Department Librarian within the loan period permitted and indicating whether the material should be purchased or returned to the vendor. All items for preview must be requested through the Library and charged out.

The Multimedia Resources Librarian is responsible for negotiating with the vendor on charges (such as preview charges, shipping, etc.), and quality of the material sent for preview. We will try to get sale quality materials for preview so that we can keep the item if we decide to purchase. The Multimedia Resources Librarian may decide not to request a preview if the preview charges are high or the material is not available for the date needed for preview.