Reserve Service

What is a Reserve?

To reserve an item is to insure that it does not circulate to anyone other than the person or persons for whom the reserve has been placed. Faculty are allowed overnight use of a reserved item if the item is on reserve for more than a two week period. Faculty may reserve items for instructional use by completing a "Reserve Material Request Form."

How to Place an Item on Reserve

  • Check the Library's online catalog to gather information (title and identifying number) on the materials and to insure that the materials are available in the Library's collection.
  • Prepare a list of the materials to be placed on reserve using the "Reserve Material Request Form." The department can send you blank reserve forms via interoffice mail. This form is available electronically via the department's web page.
  • If you wish to place personal copies on reserve, please bring the item(s) to the Multimedia Resources Desk. These items will be given a temporary barcode and should also be listed on the "Reserve Material Request Form." It is not recommended that you place on reserve personal copies of an irreplaceable item, such as a rare LP.
  • If you wish to place videos on reserve that we do not yet own, please submit the "Reserve Material Request Form" and accompanying order card(s) to Chung Lone, Head of Multimedia Resources Department, at least three months prior to the date when the materials are to be on reserve. (Ordering Materials)
  • Multimedia Resources Department staff prepares the materials for "reserve" within three days of receiving list(s) from faculty. The materials are then placed in a designated reserve materials area.
  • Faculty are discouraged from placing items on reserve for an entire semester. Please note specific dates each item is needed so that other faculty and students may use the materials.
  • More than 1 faculty member may place the same item on reserve. Each faculty member who has an item on reserve will be allowed 1-day loan of the reserved item. Therefore, it is crucial that you note specific dates needed if you do not want an item to circulate.
  • Also, other faculty will be allowed overnight use of any item reserved for more than a two week period.
  • Due to "Confidentiality of Library Users' Records" (NJSA18A:73-43.2) we cannot disclose the name of a borrower.
  • A copy of each completed "Reserve Material Request Form" is kept in a binder at the public service desk in the Multimedia Resources Department by professor name so that students may use the list to see what their professors have on reserve. This information is also available in the online catalogue under Reserves, by professor's name or course name and number.
  • All reserve materials are removed from reserve status upon expiration of the indicated reserve period or at the end of each semester if no dates are given.
  • If you have any questions call Chung-Hei Lone, Head of Multimedia Resources Department, at x7153.


- rev. 11/1/16