Interlibrary Services Policy

When to Use

Interlibrary Services borrows books and obtains copies of articles from other institutions for MSU Library patrons when the Library does not own the book or article requested. If we own the item but it is checked out, a hold will be placed on the original item and you will be notified. If the request is time-sensitive, please contact Interlibrary Services for more information.

Eligible Patrons

  • MSU Faculty (Full-Time, Part-Time, Adjunct)
  • MSU Staff
  • MSU Students (Graduate and Undergraduate)

Ineligible Patrons

  • Retired MSU Staff
  • MSU Alumni
  • Students not currently enrolled at MSU
  • Faculty and students from other colleges
  • Area residents and the general public

Use of ILL Materials

Books, articles and other media that are borrowed via ILL are for personal use only and should not be uploaded to online courses, put on library reserve, or otherwise shared. Please contact the library if you are a faculty member who requires an article or book for use in your course.


The Sprague Library will make every attempt to acquire an item via ILL for free. If unable to do so, we will contact you to discuss alternative options or fees.


Due dates for interlibrary loans are set by the lending library. As lending policies vary between libraries, renewals are not guaranteed. If a renewal is denied, the ILL item must be returned on its original due date.

Excluded and Hard-to-Get Materials

  • Brand new books (e.g. published in the past 6 months)
  • Textbooks
  • Reference works
  • Archival materials or rare books
  • Current best sellers
  • DVDs, CDs, and other multimedia

Document Delivery

The Sprague Library does not currently offer document delivery. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for faculty at the Broad Street offices or for accessibility purposes. Please contact the Interlibrary Services department for more information.

Overdue Items

Failure to return ILL items by their due dates may result in being blocked from Interlibrary Services. If an item becomes long-overdue, any overdue or replacement fees charged by the lending library will be passed on to the borrower if the item is not returned promptly.

Copyright Restrictions

The Sprague Library reserves the right to deny requests it deems in violation of copyright guidelines set by the U.S. Copyright Office. In such cases, we will contact you to discuss alternative options.