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DISS BF575.G7 V53 2013
Viglione, Vincent S.
Adult sibling grief in the eleven years after September 11, 2001 / Vincent S. Vigilione.

DISS BF637.S38 C56 2013
Cinotti, Daniel.
The relationship between aspects of supervision and school counselor self-efficacy / Daniel Cinotti.

DISS LC1091 .K67 2013
Koroleva, Irina Viktor
Education for democracy : case study on the partnership between Montclair State University and Kirovograd State Pedagogical University / Irina Viktor Koroleva.

DISS QA13 .C53 2013
Chesky, Nataly Z.
Stem(ming) from where? a philosophical analysis of U.S. mathematics education policies / Nataly Z. Chesky.

DISS QA13 .M142 2013
McNamee, Rick.
Teaching social justice mathematics in a privileged setting / Rick NcNamee.

THESIS BF698 .K325 2013
Kalederli, Selin.
Does personality make a difference on leadership development? / by Selin Kalederli.

THESIS BF723.S43 S99 2013
Szweada, Jessica L.
Siblings and discrimination : a qualitative exploration / by Jessica L. Szweada.

THESIS GB1197.7 .L66 2013
Lopes, Jared Michael
A historical, empirical analysis of the relationship between urbanization and stream baseflow in the Eastern United States / by Jared Michael Lopes .

THESIS GN484 .D56 2013
Diop, Mame Kani.
Risk factors and impacts of female genital multilation practice in Senegal / by Mame Kani Diop.

THESIS HV1431 .P48 2013
Phelan, Stephanie.
A qualitative analysis of 4-H program logic models / by Stephanie Phelan.

THESIS JK526 2012 .G62 2013
Abidi, Kainat Najmi.
Political twittoric : the rhetorical use of Twitter by the Obama 2012 presidential campaign / by Kainat Najmi Abidi.

THESIS ML3920 .L696 2013
Lin, Yi-Ying
Understanding the benefits of an Asian music therapy student peer group / by Yi-Ying Lin.

THESIS P325.5.C56 V37 2013
Varghese, Alan T.
Collocation error correction in Web queries and text documents / by Alan T. Varghese

THESIS PE1065 .S44 2013
Sekel, Julianne Candio.
The best practices for teaching writing to postsecondary students with acquired brain injuries / by Julianne Candio Sekel.

THESIS PE1074.8 .A63 2013
Apfelbaum, Michael Patrick.
Talker identification learning and New Jersey dialect discrimination / by Michael Patrick Apfelbaum.

THESIS PN471 .D34 2013
Dalley, Julie Robin.
"You write like a girl" : analyzing the rhetoric of gender bias in the literary establishment and implications for student writing development / by Julie Robin Dalley.

THESIS PN56.G45 C69 2013
Coyne, Timothy.
What is a woman? : Gentlemen prefer blondes, Ladies almanack, and woman's search for her identity in the 1920s / by Timothy Coyne.

THESIS PN56.W3 K68 2013
Kovacs, Kyle Anthony.
Reading war : modern warfare in the age of terror and recent American literature / by Kyle Anthony Kovacs.

THESIS PR5363.P83 S34 2013
Scimone, Nicole L.
The transformative power of voice in George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion / by Nicole L. Scimore

THESIS PS2893 .B87 2013
Butler, Janine Marie.
"No preaching, I say!" : a rhetorical analysis of E.D.E.N. Southworth's temperance motives and motifs / by Janine Marie Butler. ITEM REPORT Produced Thursday, July 25, 2013 at 3:07 PM

THESIS PS3573.R52 Z656 2013
Kelleher, Marian Jeanette.
Charles Wright's seasonal poetry : the inscrutable, spiritual landscape and Ars poetica / by Marian Jeanette Kelleher.

THESIS PS508.T73 A72 2013
Arcurio, Dayna.
Beneath the Frock and beyond the Original plumbing : a visual rhetorical analysis of transgender magazines / by Dayna Arcurio.

THESIS PS648.Z64 G62 2013
Godin, Katherine.
The living dead Austen : exploring the zombie trope in American culture, film, and literature / by Godin Katherine.

THESIS QA164 .P37 2013
Parnes, Miriam.
Variations of the combinatorial game Tron / by Miriam Parnes.

THESIS QA166.14 .F83 2013
Fuentes, Melissa Marie.
Proper connection of bipartite circulant graphs / by Melissa Marie Fuentes.

THESIS QA241 .P59 2013
Pizzigoni, Francesca.
Numbery theory applications / by Francesca Pizzigoni.

THESIS QC766.F3 G72 2013
Gravesen, Christopher.
Fe(VI) as a new chemical agent for treatment of landfill leachate / by Christopher Gravesen.

THESIS QC884.5.A58 R44 2013
Reilly, Brendan.
Climate evolution of the Antarctic Peninsula over the last 1,000 years : an environmental magnetism analysis of two high resolution sediment cores / by Brendan Reilly.

THESIS QE501.4.P35 S52 2013
Shah, Deepa.
Investigating planetary magnetic fields : 1. Paleosecular variation and relative paleointensity curves from Maxwell Bay, Antarctica. 2. Rock magnetic and remanence properties of natural and synthetic Martian basalts / by Deepa Shah.

THESIS QL377.S4 R47 2013
Restaino, Dena
qPCR detection of early life history stage Chrysaora ITEM REPORT Produced Thursday, July 25, 2013 at 3:07 PM quinquecirrha (sea nettles) in Barnegat Bay, New Jersey / by Dena Restaino.

THESIS QL666.O6 P37 2013
Parelli, Stephanie R.
Examining mitochondrial genetic diversity in a population of eastern hognose snakes (Heterodon platirhinos) in Cape Cod, MA / by Stephanie R. Parelli

THESIS QP552.A45 M38 2013
Mauro, Andrew K.
Modeling amyloid-ß self-assembly : stability of on-pathway aggregate formation / by Andrew K. Mauro.

THESIS QR82.E6 P47 2013
Peri, Alexandra.
Evaluation of different methods for detection and enumeration of indicator organisms in water bodies of Northern New Jersey / by Alexandra Peri.

THESIS QR99.63 .G37 2013
Garrett, Richard.
The effects of chromium on gene expression and cellular viability within Synechococcus sp. IU 625 / by Richard Garrett.

THESIS RC280.S5 W54 2013
Williams, Kyle Luke.
Spectroscopic investigation of the interaction of FADH ?in DNA photolyase with UV-damaged DNA / by Kyle Luke Williams.

THESIS RM251 .H32 2013
Habiba, Umme.
Study of natural and modified green tea polyphenols; GTP, LTP, EGCG, and EGCG-stearate on spore gemination, biofilm formation and synergistic effect on antibiotics / by Umme Habiba.

THESIS TX551 .R34 2013
Raines, Emily.
An exploratory study of college students' dietary choices relative to independence / by Emily Raines.