Student Display Space

Purpose and Use

The Student Display Space is designed for use primarily by Montclair State University faculty who want their students to have a public place to display scholarly and creative work, as part of a classroom assignment or project. This space has a dual instructional purpose -- to provide a space where students can learn from their fellow students and to provide a space where students in a course grapple with issues of displaying their work for their fellow students.

The Space is located in the Periodicals Reading Area on the Main Level of the Library.

Policies and Procedures

If a faculty member has not reserved the space for such a use, the Library may allow an academic or administrative unit on campus to put up a display on the board. The purpose of the displays should be educational and intended for Montclair State University students, prospective students, or alumni.

The Space is not for use by any other group or by individuals.

Scheduling by MSU Faculty

Scheduling is handled by the Dean of Library Services' Office (ext. 4301). Reservations will be on a first-come, first-served basis for Montclair State faculty. The space can be reserved for two weeks, beginning on Monday after 1 p.m. Materials must be removed by Monday 10 a.m. If not removed by that time, the Library reserves the right to remove the materials.

Scheduling by MSU Units

A Montclair State University unit can reserve the space for up to two weeks if it has not already been reserved by a MSU faculty member prior to one month of the time requested. Policies and procedures that apply to faculty-initiated displays will also apply to non-faculty displays.

Permissible Forms of Display

Because the display material is designed only for tacking, only thumb tacks and push pins can be used to support the material. Taping material to the board is expressly prohibited and can result in the loss of the privilege of displaying materials. The Library cannot provide any supplies for any displays. All displays must identify the coursename and number, department name, faculty member's name, campus phone number, and or e-mail address. This information should be placed in the lower right corner of the display space.


Because the display is in a study area of the Library, no receptions or other activities may be held that will adversely affect the students studying in the area.


The Library assumes no liability for loss or damage of the material at any time. We recommend that displayed materials be protected (with a tackable laminate or some other kind of cover) and that the displayer be prepared to replace material in the event of theft or damage.


Scheduling the Space -- Call the Dean's Office at 655-4301
Policy and Procedures -- Call the Dean's Office 655-4301.
Last Modified June 3, 2011