Wired and Wireless in the Library

Wired Connections

If you have an active MSU e-mail account and a network card installed in your laptop you can connect to the campus network and beyond via a data port in two places in the Library: You will need a network cable to do so. A cable can be be borrowed at the Reserve counter with a valid MSU ID.

  • In the reading area outside the Periodicals Department. Data ports are located on three of the four columns.
  • In the Faculty and Graduate Reading Room. Data ports on located on the wall closest to the circulating stacks.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems using the Library's wired network, call the Computer Helpline at (973) 655-7971.

Wireless Connections

You can use a wireless laptop anywhere in the Library to connect to the campus network and beyond. To get started with wireless computing in the Library:

  • Purchase a wireless network card (call the Computer Helpline at ext. 7971 for specifications)
  • Complete a one-time registration form that appear when you open your browser in the Library (need netID username and password).

In addition, wireless laptops are available in the Multimedia Resources Dept. for use by MSU students. The Multimedia Resources Dept. is located on the lower level of Sprague Library.

If you have any questions, call the Computer Helpline at (973) 655-7971

Other campus buildings (in red) are also wireless.

Other Wireless Access Buildings At Montclair State

  • Chapin Hall
    Curriculum Resource Center
    1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors
  • Student Center
    Computer Lab
    All Ballrooms
    3rd floor student lounge
  • University Hall
    All areas
  • Dickson Hall
    All areas
  • Speech Building
    All areas
  • College Hall
    All areas
  • Partridge Hall
    All areas
  • Richardson Hall
    1st floor East and 2nd floor
  • Science Hall
    1st floor and 2nd floor
  • Sprague Library
    All areas
  • Kasser Theater
    Stage and audience area
    4th floor office
  • Red Hawk Diner
    All areas

Last Updated: Oct. 11, 2006