Staying Connected: Educational Opportunity Fund

Alumni of the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) scholar program stay connected by mentoring students, attending events and speaking on panels and at conferences – all great ways to reconnect with former classmates and the program and to continue to build and strengthen the alumni network. Alumni are valuable resources to each other and play a vital role in the success of current students.

“EOF graduates are proud and engaged alumni dedicated to giving back to the program that provided the support they needed to succeed at Montclair State,” says Delores McMorin, EOF counselor and advisor. “Current EOF scholars can learn firsthand about the ‘EOF Advantage’ from those who persevered and completed their studies. We look forward to seeing them back on campus.”

The EOF program provides access for motivated New Jersey residents from underrepresented populations that meet the income criteria and exhibit the potential for high achievement.

Mentors provide career advice, support, guidance and encouragement. Students of the program greatly benefit from having someone with real-world experience on their side.

Stephen Hines ’10 credits much of his success to the program. “The EOF program is 90 percent of the reason I am where I am today,” he says. “I can’t thank them enough.”

Hines serves as a role model that many of the teens can relate to: “Some people need younger mentors,” he says, noting that he shows them they can succeed if they apply themselves and maintain a strong work ethic.

Alumni also participate in events planned for the academic year, including the annual open house gathering at Homecoming, networking opportunities and alumni panels such as “Your Personal Brand,” “Business Etiquette” and more.

To become a mentor or to learn more about the EOF group, visit