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Honoring our vets

It’s great that Montclair State is giving veterans the chance to connect with other veterans. Unless you’ve gone through the experience, you cannot understand the stresses and feelings that war generates. Providing these men and women a safe haven to meet and talk goes a long way toward helping transition these heroes back into society. I commend Denise Rodak for her acknowledgement of the difficulties involved with soldiers deployed to the other side of the world. Her willingness to help at all hours is exemplary. Thank you, Montclair State. Carpe Diem!
Jonathan Fagioli ’98, U.S. Army veteran

“Forward March,” the story and photographs of Montclair State’s veterans captured the true spirit of these wonderful students. Thank you.
Denise Rodak, Coordinator of Veteran and Military Resources







‌¡Ay Caramba!

The alumni spotlight about Michael Price, writer and co-producer of The Simpsons, is truly inspirational. It gives me tremendous pride that someone so accomplished walked the same walkways to class as I did. Montclair State is such a great institution of learning, and this shows students that if you apply yourself, you can achieve more than you ever thought possible.  
Joe Ascoli ’08  

Instagram: theellenshow

Nicknamed “Gluteus Mikesimus” by Ellen DeGeneres, Mike Wolfanger ’13, a Purple Heart-awarded veteran, was the winner of Ellen’s Underwear Model Contest. He appeared on The Ellen Show and on a billboard with Ellen in his underwear. Ellen posted this picture, tagged #WhatsUnderYourRobe, and got more than 126,000 “likes.”

Our favorite recent shout-outs about Montclair State and its students:

WCBS broadcaster and Montclair alumnus Tom Kaminski ’84 interviewed our film students and tweeted about it on:

Tom Kaminski @TomKaminskiWCBS
Four @montclairstateu filmmakers who will screen their work at @MontclairFF join me on @WMSC this morning at 11!

Leigh Scheps ’08, a reporter for Fox 29 Philadelphia, congratulated her Tony nominated classmates:

Leigh Scheps @LeighTVReporter
2 college classmates are a part of the #tonyawards! @MontclairAlumni represent!