SGA Alumni Create Affinity Circle

Student Government Association (SGA) alumni have come together to create a new philanthropy program—Montclair State’s very first Affinity Circle, in which a group of individuals can come together and combine their gifts to donate toward a common interest.
“The history of Montclair State University is filled with examples of student leadership and advocacy going above and beyond. SGA leaders stretch back through most of the history of Montclair State, and that dedication to our alma mater isn’t a switch that can be turned on or off with graduation. It’s there for life,” says Chris Fitzpatrick ’04, chair of the SGA Affinity Circle Committee.

Indeed, the Student Government Association is one of the most active student groups on campus. Alumni remain strongly connected to the University, fellow classmates and current student members. SGA alumni have come together to show their support for the University where it is truly needed by creating the SGA Alumni Leadership Scholarship.

“As students who took on the additional responsibilities within our college community through the SGA, we see how our working together has made us all better members of the world community,” adds Joseph Christensen ’09. “Learning to interact, make decisions, make compromises and work for the larger community has shown us that our actions must work with common goals, and that our actions have long-reaching significance. Join your fellow alumni in supporting current SGA-affiliated students so they can go out and continue to grow a community for the world.”

The SGA Affinity Circle Committee and friends are working with the Montclair State University Foundation to establish a $25,000 endowed
scholarship fund to go to a leader in an SGA-chartered organization with a GPA of 3.0 or better.

“I am glad to be part of an organization where I can give back to an institution that gave me endless opportunities and enhanced my college experience. As a leader of ‘Life Beyond the Classroom,’ I am honored to be part of a committee through which I’ll give a student leader everything I learned in the form of a scholarship,” Arun Bhambri ’11 says. “Please help sponsor an exceptional student leader by donating to this scholarship.”