A Super Welcome

More than 1,000 Montclair State University students, staff members, alumni and faculty volunteered to make visitors feel welcomed during Super Bowl XLVIII.

Volunteers were on hand to greet fans at Newark International, JFK, LaGuardia, Teterboro and Westchester airports, as well as New York Penn Station. They also served as local guides to attractions in New York and New Jersey and assisted guests at Super Bowl-related activities leading up to the game.

“Our goal as volunteers was to enhance the experience of visitors to our area,” says Sue-Anne Carlita Alonso, a Montclair State senior, who helped Super Bowl guests find their way around the area and enjoy themselves in the process. “I think we accomplished that, but many of us also made a few good friends in the process.”

Volunteers also received uniforms and training. “Whether you volunteered for an indoor or outdoor shift, you received the complete uniform,” say Alonso, who notes the uniforms included a coat, polar fleece ear warmers and texting gloves. “It’s a great keepsake of our state's first Super Bowl.”