CSAM Fall 2012 Grant Awards

The College of Science and Mathematics is pleased to announce the following faculty-received competitive grant awards:

Drs. Eric Forgoston and Lora Billings for their project entitled, "Understanding the Dynamics of Stochastic Disease Spread in Metapopulations", for $278,966 from NSF.   

Dr. Pankaj Lal for his project entitled, "Assessing Socioeconomic Impacts of Forest Biomass Based Biofuel Development on Rural Communities in the Southern United States", for $349,963 from the US Dept of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Drs. Ashwin Vaidya, Phil Yecko, Arup Mukherjee, David Trubatch for their project entitled, "MRI: Acquisition of Imaging System for the Study of Flow Patterns", for $171,135 from NSF.

Congratulations to all the faculty!