Environmental Management Course for Fall 2014

New course for Undergraduates and Graduates with the option for a National Certification in Sustainability Management

This Environmental Management course numbered EAES 592, for undergraduate, or EAES 760, for graduate, will take a modern look at the discipline. The course will feature:

  • Hybrid format - 7 weeks in-class and 7 weeks online
  • Students that want the certification will take a test, applicable to the material from the course, administered by an outside certifier; this is not required for the course.
  • As Environmental Management has evolved into Sustainability Management, the course goes beyond corporate social responsibility by emphasizing both organizational transparency and performance metrics.
  • Design that teaches how to define, implement, and report an organization's sustainability strategy.
  • Uses the case-study approach to problem solving.
For more information contact Dr. Robert Taylor, taylorr@mail.montclair.edu.