Online Summer Courses in Earth and Environmental Studies

courses run from May 27 through July 3

EAES 100-91, Principle of Geography

You'll be able to understand the major elements of the human society, the natural environment and their interrelation. The elements studied include: Weather, Climate, and Climate Change; Landforms; Biosphere; Population; Migration; Languages and Religions; Political Geography; Development; Food and Agriculture; Industry; Services and Settlements; Urban Patterns; and Resources. The course meets Gen Ed 2002 - Interdisciplinary Core, Scientific Issues.

EAES 170-91, World Geography

You will be able to understand the essential facts and concepts about the natural and human environment of major regions and countries. The course presents a picture of regions as developed through the interactions of natural, cultural, economic and political forces. Geopolitical, social and economic relationships between and among countries are studied. Meets Gen Ed 2002 - Social Science, Social Science.