Seminar - Dr. Roy Goodman, Department of Mathematical Sciences, NJIT

Recent Projects in the NJIT Applied Math Capstone Lab

Date: Wednesday, April 30th
Time: 3-4pm
Place: RI 222


Undergraduate applied math majors at NJIT take a two-semester "Capstone" course as the culmination of their studies. This course aims to integrate laboratory experiments with the major tools of applied mathematics: modeling, numerics, and analysis. I will give an overview of the course, and describe some of the experiments that my colleagues and I have run there. I will focus on several mechanics experiments that I have run: dynamical bias in the coin toss, an analog model of chaotic scattering of solitary waves, and the formation of NLS kink solitons on a damped and parametrically forced chain of pendulums. The lab has support from an NSF grant, and the experiments are run using a variety of high tech and low: high-speed digital video, MATLAB, lasers, tin cans, christmas ornaments, and superballs.