April 29 - CSAM Graduate Student to Speak at Novartis Science Scholarship Dinner

Montclair State University College of Science and Mathematics graduate student Aline de Oliveira, the University’s first recipient of the Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation’s prestigious Novartis Science Scholarship, has been invited to speak at the Novartis Science Scholarship Dinner at the company’s Hanover, New Jersey headquarters on April 29.

The dinner will honor de Oliveira and other Novartis Science Scholarship recipients representing eight New Jersey colleges and universities. Novartis scientists and executives, as well as guests and representatives of the colleges and universities will join the honorees at the dinner.

The Novartis Science Scholarship is offered to first-time, full-time graduate students enrolled in a master’s program in pharmaceutical biochemistry, biochemistry, chemistry, or molecular biology. It provides recipients with full tuition for two years of graduate study, as well as a research stipend of $10,000 a year.

A 2009 graduate of Montclair State with a Bachelor of Science degree in molecular biology, de Oliveira is now pursuing a Master of Science degree in the same field. She is currently studying the effects of green tea polyphenols as a novel approach to inhibiting Herpes Simplex viral (HSV) infections. Results from this study will lead to future animal and human studies toward an effective and non-toxic topical application to prevent HSV.

As a Novartis Scholarship recipient, de Oliveira is committed to pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Her goals are to make a significant contribution to the development of drugs by furthering her education and playing a vital role as a researcher in the pharmaceutical industry.