Professors Adams and Mosen-Collar Receive the HHMI Science Education Alliance Award

Dr. Sandra D. Adams and Dr. Kirsten Monsen-Collar of the Department of Biology and Molecular Biology have been awarded support for three years from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Science Education Alliance to offer an innovative program: the Phage Genomics Research Initiative, that will involve first year students in authentic research.

With this award, Montclair State joins a small network of institutions selected through a national competition in which first-year students isolate colonies of bacteriophage from locally collected soil samples, purify and characterize the phage, and extract the DNA.  The students will then use bioinformatics tools to analyze and annotate the DNA from their phage, and contribute their sequence to a national database.

The first cohort of students will be selected to begin the two semester program in the fall semester, 2011.