CSAM Researchers Participate in Amphibian Fungus Study

Montclair State University is teaming with the Department of Environmental Protection and the Conserve Wildlife Foundation to test New Jersey's frogs, toads, and salamanders for the chytrid fungus disease, and what impact it may be having on the state's amphibians.

As part of the effort, Montclair State University professors Kirsten Monsen-Collar and Lisa Hazard will participate in the testing of amphibians, which involves gathering up to 2000 samples, in all of New Jersey's counties. Monsen-Collar and Hazard both have experience with the chytrid fungus, having found it present among amphibians at the University's New Jersey School of Conservation in Sussex County.

Funded by a grant from the federal State Wildlife Grants Program, renewals of New Jersey "Conserve Wildlife" license plates, and the wildlife check-off on state income tax returns, the researchers will perform field sampling through May, contributing their findings to a report which will be submitted to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service by the Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Read the full article courtesy of the Cape May Herald.