CSAM REU Program Celebrates Second Year

May, 2012 marks the start of the second year of the Research Experience for Undergraduates Program (REU) hosted by Montclair State University and funded by the National Science Foundation. A competitive selection process resulted in the appointments of ten highly qualified undergraduate student researchers including two MSU students, Lindsey Mirrer and Kelly Palmer. These students will come together from New Jersey, Alabama, Texas and Mississippi to study the impacts that changing land uses have on the chemistry, ecology and hydrology of streams across northern New Jersey.  They will spend eight weeks living and working at the New Jersey School of Conservation while they conduct independent research projects that will include field work, lab work, GIS and statistical analyses.

Dr. Meiyin Wu, REU Program Director said, “These students will be fortunate to have some of MSU’s most outstanding faculty and staff to support the program.” The REU participants will be mentored by Drs. Huan Feng, Josh Galster, Greg Pope, Meyin Wu and numerous other professors who will contribute their time and expertise through supplemental lectures. Graduate Assistants Stephanie Parelli and Tanya Sulikowski will serve as the Research Coordinators for the program.