Equity and Diversity

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¿Y Tu Quien Eres?

Exploring self-identification through terms (i.e. Latino, Hispanic, Spanish, etc...)

Film: Living Los Sures

"A story of a longstanding Latino community that is defeating displacement and surviving the growth machine"

Complexions: Defining Colorism Through Painting

Inspired by Brazilian artist Angelica Dass's photo project "Humanae"

Closing Con Una Fiesta

Wear your coolest 90's outfit

College Night: Growing Up Latina

LASO sponsored event

Brunch with Latina Faculty and Staff


Exploring the relations between the Latin@ culture and LGBTQ community through art and identity

Latin Arts Night: Expression En Colores

“On Gentrification, Gay Politics, Aids: How Did We Get Here?”

GSWS Presents a talk by Sarah Schulman

Join the Multicultural Council

Working to amplify diverse student voices and increase collaboration among multicultural student organizations