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Math Ed PhD Faculty and Students Present at Conferences

Groups of faculty and students presented at SIGMAA on RUME and RCML conferences in February and March.

Dr. Peggy Flood being hooded by CSAM Dean Robert Prezant and Program Director Mika Munakata

Congratulations to Dr. Peggy Flood

Peggy received her EdD in Mathematics Education at the Prudential Center on January 23

Mathematics Education EdD and PhD students present at the NCTM Regional Conference

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference held in Philadelphia, October 31 - November 2

Madhavi Vishnubhotla presents the Mobius Strip to 7th grade students in Lyndhurst.

Madhavi Vishnubhotla and Mika Munakata visited Jefferson School

Madhavi and Mika gave a presentation entitled "Creativity in Math and Science" as part of the Visiting Scientists Program.

Congratulations Justin Seventko, who received the Graduate Student Research Poster Award at the 10th Annual Student Research Symposium

His poster was entitled Exploring variations in teacher and student agency in an out-of-school videogame-based mathematics class

Zareen Rahman Part of Team Presentation at AERA Conference

The findings from the Wipro Science Education Fellowship study were presented

Partnership with Math for America

The goal of the case studies is to provide a starting point for important conversations between pre-service, early career, and master teachers about mathematics teaching and learning.

Math Ed PhD Student and Faculty Receive Grant from the Victoria Foundation

Justin Seventko and Steven Greenstein secured a $5,000 grant to support FHAK 2.0 Academy

Congratulations to Rabab Abi-Hanna

Rabab earned her Ed.D. in Mathematics Education on May 25, 2016.

The EdD/PhD Math Education team of students and faculty at the symposium.

Mathematics Education EdD and PhD students present at the 10th Annual Student Research Symposium

Madhavi Vishnubhotla, Debasmita Basu, Zareen Rahman, Justin Seventko, Ceire Monahan, Karmen Yu, and Marylu Dalton presented their research at this year's symposium.