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Bulkhead Blitz

The Bulkhead Blitz attempts to prevent the jellyfish population from growing further next year.

Dr. Du receives NSF Grant to research Maize Genome

A sequence-indexed Reverse Genetics Resource for Maize: a Set of Lines with Single Ds-GFP Insertions Spread Throughout the Genome

Evidence for a single loss of mineralized teeth in the common avian ancestor

This article, published in science magazine by biology professor Dr. Robert Meredith, focuses on Edentulism, the absence of teeth, that has evolved convergently among vertebrates, including birds, turtles, and several lineages of mammals.

Biology Professor Featured on The Weather Channel

Professor Jack Gaynor discusses the strangeness and potential danger presented by the box jellyfish sighted at the Jersey Shore.

Biology Professor Funded To Study Amphibians in New Jersey

Dr. Lisa Hazard Awarded $18,919 Grant

Biology Professor Takes Lead Role in The Genomics Education Partnership (GEP)