Peak Performances

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Gennadi Novash

Choreographer and filmmaker Nora Chipaumire poses with Montclair State students and performer Shamar Watt in front of University Hall in advance of screenings of their films. Clockwise from bottom right: Hailee Longo, Woravan Tangtrakul, Laura Galarza, Nora Chipaumire, Natalie Romero, Shamar Watt, Robert Getz, and Michael Turner.

Montclair State students create documentaries on dance and superheroes

New York Times: Nora Chipaumire Explores Identity in the Boxing Ring

New Yorker on Nora Chipaumire at Peak Performances

Montclair Times: Nora Chipaumire premieres adventurous dance at Montclair State

Maria Baranova

Jeremy Louise Eaton as a suffragette in Double Edge Theatre's "The Grand Parade (of the 20th Century)" at Peak Performances at Montclair State University.

NJ Arts: You just have to see ingenious "Grand Parade"

Marina Levitskaya

Ana Moura and Joao Reis onscreen and Samuel West onstage in Michel van der Aa's The Book of Disquiet.

New York Times reviews Michel van der Aa's "memorable, imaginative, riveting" Book of Disquiet

Marina Levitskaya

Michael Winther in "Rooms of Light" by Fred Hersch (at the piano) and Mary Jo Salter

Montclair Times: how Fred Hersch "pictures a song"

Peak Performances commissions new work by six-time Grammy Award nominee Fred Hersch and acclaimed poet Mary Jo Salter.

Marina Levitskaya

Rooms of Light will premiere at Peak Performances on October 15.

Downbeat magazine on the "miracle" of Fred Hersch

Peak Performances at Montclair State University presents the world premiere of "Rooms of Light: The Life of Photographs" by six-time Grammy Award nominee Fred Hersch and acclaimed poet Mary Jo Salter

Richard Termine for The New York Times

Sean Donovan, Moe Angelos, and Hannah Heller in "Elements of Oz"

NY Times: Elements of Oz is "loose, loopy...technically marvelous"

Photo by Gennadi Novash.

The Builders Association's production of Elements of Oz

Montclair Times: Elements of Oz at Peak Performances is "intriguing, dynamic...gorgeous"