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The Pipeline - May 2017

University Facilities' Newsletter

Cutting out tobacco means cleaner air!

Tobacco, Smoking and Vapor Campus Use Policy

Phased Plan begins September 1, 2017.

CELS Receives First LEED Gold Certification on Campus

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design awards the Center for Environmental & Life Sciences building Gold status.

Fall '17 Registration Information

Registration times and schedule and catalog information!

10 Steps for Registration

Registration Help, Extended Service Hours, Tools & Guides!

From the left: Jean Camacho '17, Rey Aguilar '18, Raj Shah '17, Karina Escobar '20, Mubashir Hassan '18 and Deep Shah '19.

Red Hawks of Montclair State

Capturing the voices of our community #RHOMS celebrates the individuals we see every day

President's Message on Immigration Issues

Space Heaters on Campus

A safety message from the Department of Fire Safety

NEST Mobile Has Arrived!

Download Montclair State University's newest app today!

The Pipeline - November/December 2016