Montclair State University’s faculty and staff offer a wealth of expertise and expert commentary for members of the press as they research, develop and produce their stories. This page features a sampling of our nationally and internationally renowned experts.

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Suzanne Bronski
Director, Media Relations
Phone: 973-655-4334
Cell/Text: 917-292-9554
Meaghan Morin
Media Relations/Communications Assistant
Phone: 973-655-4333 





Business, Economics & Marketplace

  • Dennis Bone (Entrepreneurship, Management, Business Innovation, Workplace Trends)
  • Patrali Chatterjee (Marketing, Online Marketing, Consumer Behavior)
  • E. LaBrent Chrite (Business)
  • Luis San Vincente Portes (Economics, Finance, Labor & Job Statistics)


  • Daniel Jean (Educational Opportunity)
  • Sumi Hagiwara (STEM, Early Childhood, Immigrant Families, Culture and Diversity)
  • Francine Peterman (Education Policy)

Family & Children

Health & Nutrition

  • Lisa Lieberman (Adolescent and Pre-Teen Health, Smoking)
  • Diana Thomas (Obesity Research, Women in STEM)
  • Debra Zellner (Psychology, Food Cravings, Multimodal Perception)



  • Paul Bologna (Jellyfish, Aquatics, Biology)
  • Joshua Galster (Earth and Environmental Studies)
  • Julian Keenan (Deception, Self-Awareness, Neuroimaging)
  • Greg Pope (Physical Geography, Environmental Geology)
  • Robert Prezant (Biology, Marine Studies)
  • Meiyin Wu (Ecological Restoration, Invasive Species, Passaic River)

Social Justice Issues

  • Yasemin Besen-Cassino (Gender Studies, Youth, Work and Labor)
  • Jessica Henry (Criminal Law, Hate Crimes, Wrongful Conviction, Death Penalty)
  • Ruth Propper (Memory, Psychology)
  • Denise Yacullo Rodak (Veteran and Military Resources)

Social/Traditional Media

  • Merrill Brown (Digital Media, Traditional Media, Journalism Education)
  • Hugh Curnutt (Critical Media, Television, Cultural Studies)

Student/College Life

  • James Anderson (Financial Aid)
  • Lisa Kasper (College Admissions)
  • Adam Mayer (Career Counseling)
  • Karen Pennington (Student Affairs, Student Development)
  • Tara Morlando-Zurlo (Adult Learners, Academic Success and Retention)

Technology & Learning

  • Edward Chapel (Information Technology, Higher Education Sector)

The Arts

  • Brian Abrams (Music Therapy)
  • Neil Baldwin (Arts, Creativity, Imagination)
  • Clay James (Musical Theater)
  • Lorraine Katterhenry (Choreography, Dance History)