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November 10, 2014

Montclair State enrollment hits 20,000-plus as building boom continues

The Record

  Photo of students walking on campus.

Montclair State, the second largest university in the state, has grown substantially over the last two decades as a campus building boom has transformed the campus. Enrollment has topped 20,000 for the fall semester.

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Smartphone app helps college students feel safer on campus

CBS-TV, National News

Montclair State University recently started offering students the free “Guardian” app. It comes with an emergency button that triggers an alarm at the campus police station. University Police Chief Paul Cell said the program immediately tells officers who the student is and where he or she can be located.

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 photo of student and phone.

Montclair State receives $6.2 million to train future Newark public school teachers

The Star-Ledger

 Photo of teacher and student.

The U.S. Secretary of Education recently announced that Montclair State will be getting $6.2 million in federal funding to continue the Newark-Montclair Urban Teacher Residency Program aimed at training STEM teachers to work in Newark public schools.

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Montclair State's Kasser Theater turns 10

The Montclair Times

In the 10 years since its opening, Kasser Theater has presented international performers, attracting top critics and art lovers from all over the area. The 500-seat theater, opened in October 2004, is the host of Peak Performances, under the artistic direction of Jedidiah Wheeler.

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 photo of Alexander Kasser Theater at night.

Conference highlights women entrepreneurs


 photo of Dennis Bone on NJTV.

The Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship hosted a three-day program to cultivate, educate and inspire women entrepreneurs. “There are amazingly successful women entrepreneurs, there are just not enough of them,” said the Center's director, Dennis Bone.

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Five-star accommodations on campus

University Business

The Heights, a 2,000-bed residence hall, boasts suite-style singles and doubles which are wired for Wi-Fi and cable TV. Its other amenities include a pair of community kitchens where chefs from dining services teach cooking classes. There’s also a game room with a large-screen TV, a lounge on each floor, spaces for tutoring and a soundproof room where students can practice presentations.

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 photo of the heights residence hall.

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From our Experts

Montclair State declares Women Entrepreneurship Week (The Star-Ledger) - The Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship celebrated with three days of free events featuring more than 30 speakers on women in business topics and an appearance by Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno.

College roommate? No thanks. Many students are opting for privacy ( - John Delate, executive director of residence life, says residence hall amenities such as media lounges and game rooms can make or break a student's decision to attend. "One piece of that is the single room. People will ask about that immediately," says Delate.

Why Jersey accents sound funny - even to New Jerseyans (Asbury Park Press) - Some people don't hear their own accents and don't believe that they have an accent at all. But to linguists like Jonathan Howell, an assistant professor, everyone has an accent.

Phones, web help students cheat (NJ 101.5)) - "Cheating and plagiarism have always been an issue," says Hugh Curnutt, an associate professor in the School of Communication and Media. "What's different now is just how easy it is."

Health: Not all processed food is bad for you (The Record) - "If there's anything that experts misspeak about when it comes to food, it's processed food," says Diana Thomas, director of the Center for Quantitative Obesity Research. "There is no solid definition; it seems to scoot around all over the place. And people get confused."

On our Campus

Montclair State exhibit marks 70th anniversary of Raoul Wallenberg mission (The Montclair Times) - Postcards and posters are only part of the program, "Rescue in Budapest: The 70th Anniversary of Raoul Wallenberg's Mission to Save the Last Jews of Europe." Montclair State is presenting lectures, films and free events around town through Dec. 18. 

Montclair State students roll up sleeves to honor day of service and remembrance (Baristanet) - More than 20 Montclair State University students rolled up their sleeves, along with alumni and others, at Montclair Community Farms. Volunteers cleaned up the grounds at the Farms’ Montclair Historical Society site, harvested food, cleaned chicken coops and worked the garden.

Passaic River Symposium at Montclair State spotlights climate change, flooding (Passaic Valley Today) - The Passaic River Basin is feeling the brunt of global climate change in the form of increased flooding, but experts at the sixth annual symposium say there are solutions.


Superstorm Sandy two years later: The storm next time (The Record) - Meiyin Wu, professor and director of the Passaic River Institute, says the question today is not whether there will be another destructive climatic event in the near future. The question is when, where and how severe it will be.

The legacy of the Boomers: Climate of optimism and adaptability (Asbury Park Press) - Yasemin Besen-Cassino, associate professor, says the Boomers' biggest legacy will be in their social attitudes and worldview. Baby boomers have been a socially and politically distinct group, defined by activism, social change and freedom. 


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