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February 26, 2015

Bone offers his insights on startups, meetups


Dennis Bone, director of the Felicano Center for Entrepreneurship, suggests that meetup groups can help build momentum in the entrepreneurial community and provide resources to startup companies.

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Montclair State makes way for cloud computing

EdTech Magazine

  Photo of Jeff Giacobbe.

Jeff Giacobbe, associate vice president of enterprise technology, says Montclair State developed a checklist of must-haves when reviewing potential cloud providers. "The checklist gave us insight into how our data was going to be handled before we turned over the keys," says Giacobbe.

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Risky business: Peak Performances at Montclair State

New Jersey Monthly

Since starting what would become Peak Performances at Montclair State 10 years ago, Jed Wheeler has turned the program into a success story with a mix of ground-breaking and often challenging shows by avant-garde performers and more than 70 U.S. and world premieres.

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 photo ofJed Wheelerin Kasser Theater.

Scientists analyze DNA of birds to build new family tree

U.S. News & World Report

  bird flying.

Robert Meredith, assistant professor of biology and molecular biology, is a lead author in a study which concludes that the common ancestor of all living birds lost its teeth approximately 116 million years ago.

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Colleges teach social media


Merrill Brown, director of the School of Communication and Media, says there's been enormous growth in teaching various social media skills. "Our view is that it's a core part of everything students learn," says Brown.

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George Segal Day in Montclair

The Montclair Times

 photo of George Segal working.

Thursday, Dec. 18, was declared George Segal Day to honor the world-renowned artist on what would have been his 90th birthday, and to commemorate the installation of Segal's sculpture "Street Crossing" (1992) at Montclair State.

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Relaxing immunization requirements comes with risk (The Record) - Amanda Birnbaum, department of Health and Nutrition Science chair; Gerard Costa, director of the Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health; and Lisa Lieberman, graduate program coordinator, master of public health program, suggest a clear and informed dialogue about the science of vaccinations is warranted.

Why I will not let my kids take PARCC tests (The Record) - Monica Taylor, associate professor of secondary and special education, looks at the PARCC tests from the perspective of a parent and a teacher-educator.

Creativity brings life to math classrooms (Courier Post) - Jason McManus, a doctoral student of mathematics education at Montclair State, says creative projects allow students to connect math to topics that they find interesting or relevant.

From our Experts

Buff is the new skinny (The Record) - Diana Thomas, director of the Center for Quantitative Obesity Research, says instead of looking at appearance goals, we should look at health goals.

Math clubs sweeping the nation (The Item) - Assistant professor Sumi Hagiwara says that by contextualizing mathematical problems, students are given additional opportunities to reinforce the learning of mathematics that may have been taught in a traditional classroom setting.

Dangerous jellyfish may come back to Jersey Shore (Asbury Park Press) - Paul Bologna, associate professor and director of the Marine Biology and Coastal Sciences program, suggests that a global rise in the jellyfish population indicated increased sightings are possible.

Bystander intervention is a new tactic to stop attacks on campus (The Record) - Shannon Gary, associate dean of students, says Montclair State plans to launch a “full-fledged, full-throttle” bystander intervention program that will provide training to small groups of students with the message that bystanders need to act even when they are unsure if their help is needed.

Bacteria found in Passaic River in Clifton (Clifton Journal) - Meiyin Wu, director of the Passaic River Institute, says pathogen concentrations in Clifton appeared to be higher where the water traveled downstream, although there is no concern about drinking water contamination.



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