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September 3, 2014

Montclair State to make SAT optional for admissions

The Star-Ledger

  Photo of students walking on campus.

Montclair State University is joining the growing number of schools making SAT and ACT test scores optional for admission. The Undergraduate Admissions office will shift its emphasis to an applicant's grade point average and the specific courses taken in high school when selecting the freshman class for the fall of 2015.

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Montclair State University will no longer require SAT scores

The Record

New Jersey's second largest university will no longer require standardized test scores for admissions, adding momentum to a national movement to do away with the tests that have dominated the selection process, spawned a lucrative test-preparation industry and caused considerable angst for students for three generations.

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 photo of testing bubble sheet.

Are birds spreading Lyme disease? Montclair State researcher uses crowdfunding for study

The Star-Ledger

 Photo of Heather Kopso in lab.

After contracting the illness twice in three years, Heather Kopsco knows plenty about Lyme disease. The Montclair State University graduate student turned to a science-based crowdfunding website to fund research on the spread of the illness.

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Fear for Barnegat Bay - can it be saved?

Asbury Park Press

Montclair State University associate professors Paul Bologna and Jack Gaynor are studying the feeding habits of sea nettle jellyfish, one of 10 major science projects funded by the DEP as part of the Barnegat Bay restoration plan.

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 photo of Paul Bologna on a boat.

Trauma survivors show everyday super strength

The Montclair Times

 photo of MSU student dressed as Wonder Woman.

A pilot program through Montclair State University's Counseling and Psychological Services Center (CAPS) brought together self-defense training and counseling to women with a history of trauma. Lisa Weinberger, a staff psychologist at CAPS, says the program's purpose is for students to take a different approach to working through their past pains and, in many cases, the continuing symptoms of PTSD.

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Montclair State University and Shanghai Theater Academy collaborate on film

The Montclair Times

During a three-week visit, students from the Shanghai Theater Academy and from Montclair State shot a short film and completed a rough edit of the film. Prior to their arrival, the students worked together to write a script via Skype.

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 photo of students collaborating on film shoot.

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From our Experts

Why is the sky blue? (Asbury Park Press) - Montclair State College of Science and Mathematics faculty and staff answer questions to ponder while spending a day relaxing on the Jersey shore.

Data-analysis programs that help retain students are gaining traction at colleges (The Chronicle of Higher Education) - Allyson Straker-Banks, associate vice president for student academic services, found that if a student doesn't declare a major in time or switches majors, his or her faculty advisor may change. This confusion can leave some upperclassmen without advisors.

Entrepreneur Barbie is #unapologetic, but does that spare her from controversy? (Business Journals) - Patrali Chatterjee, associate professor of marketing, says Mattel missed the mark when it “dumbed down” its marketing towards girls, who are learning about starting businesses as early as elementary school.

Verona resident holds on to 165-million-year-old dinosaur fossil (Verona - Cedar Grove Times) - Greg Pope, associate professor for earth and environmental studies, says that while dinosaur footprints may not be common across the country, the North Jersey landscape provides more preservation and a better opportunity to find them.

OpEd: What you wear matters in today's economy (Courier-Post) - Yasemin Besen-Cassino, associate professor of sociology, says clothes and style have become a way for employers to discriminate against applicants.

MSU researchers look at jellyfish infestation in Barnegat Bay (NJTV News) - Associate professors Paul Bologna and Jack Gaynor have been handling tens of thousands of jellyfish to understand why they have infested the Barnegat Bay.

On our Campus

Peak Performances to offer 14 premieres (The New York Times) - The Peak Performances series is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a season that includes 14 music, dance and theater premieres.

Google reaches out to tech entrepreneur community at Montclair event (NJBIZ) - A group of techies, entrepreneurs and students gathered at Montclair State for Google I/O Extended 2014. The event was an extension of the annual event, held in San Francisco, which included live streams of presentations while members of the local tech community spoke in person later in the day.



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