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Active Directory (AD) Deployment Initiative

What is the Active Directory (AD) Deployment Initiative?

The Information Technology Division (IT) is in the process of migrating the current Novell Netdrive file sharing and iPrint printing services to a new Microsoft Active Directory (AD) based solution. Similar in features and function to Netdrive/NetStorage, the new environment provides:

  • A secure file sharing service for individual NetID users and departments.
  • A centrally managed printing service that allows users to select shared print devices from a directory.
  • A replacement to the web based NetStorage interface providing secure remote file share access via an industry standard WebDAV protocol. WebDAV allows users to mount server shares directly, providing a similar file share experience between on campus and remote use.
  • A web page publishing directory for all NetID users. (MSUWEB)
  • An increase in disk storage quota for user file shares.

What AD Services are Available?

Private (Home) Directory

  • Your private (home) directory is space allocated on the Active Directory server and is assigned to each student, faculty and staff member.
  • It is referred to as the (N:) drive.
  • Only you have access to your private directory.
  • Faculty and staff have 1 GB of space while students have 500 MB of space.

Department (Groupshare) Directory

  • Every department can request to have a department (groupshare) directory setup for the purpose of file sharing with other members of your department
  • It is referred to as the (O:) drive
  • Groupshares have 10 GB of space.
  • Each group will have an assigned Custodian who will be in charge of file/folder permissions.
  • Learn more about custodian privelages.

Public (MSUWEB) Directory

  • MSUWEB is personal web space service provided by IT.  It allows faculty, staff and students to publish their web pages.
  • Pages published on MSUWEB can be viewed on-campus as well as off-campus.  It is referred to as the (W:) drive.
  • Storage space is combined with the private (home) directory (1 GB).
  • Caution: You should not place files in your web publishing file share unless you intend to make them publicly available via the Internet. Always place non-web files in either your private (home) file share or departmental file share. NEVER place files containing sensitive information in your web publishing file share for any reason.
  • Learn how to publish and view your MSUWEB files.
  • How do I Access my AD File Shares?


    On Campus from a Joined Computer
    Windows XP

    Windows 7

    Off-Campus or from an Un-joined Computer
    Windows XP
    Windows 7


    From a Personal Computer
    Windows XP
    Windows 7

    From a Public Computer Lab
    Windows 7

    How do I Install a Shared Printer?

    Windows XP
    Windows 7

    AD Deployment Initiative FAQ