Canvas Review

The Canvas evaluation process at MSU began at the start of the Spring 2013 term and was completed by April 2013. A recommendation based on the participants' evaluation was finalized and submitted by May 1, 2013, and the recommendation was reviewed by the Provost and the CIO for implementation.

February 2013

A Review Committee Formed

A review committee was formed in February of 2013. The review committee was comprised of thought and practice leaders from among the academic community of faculty, representatives from ATC, stakeholders from Academic Affairs and Technology Training & Integration and members of the Blackboard/Moodle pilot group who systematically evaluated Blackboard and Moodle. It included 28 faculty/staff and a group of 15 student representatives.

March/April 2013

Canvas Presentations and Exploration

Presentations of Canvas were performed by the vendor as well as faculty from 7 institutions that had selected the Canvas LMS. Each committee member and student representative was encouraged to respond to a LMS evaluation survey following each presentation. An MSU Canvas Sandbox was also created to provide an environment for engaged individuals to explore the Canvas LMS.

April/May 2013

Canvas Evaluation and Recommendation

The evaluation process concluded with a committee meeting to review the findings from all evaluation activities including the collected surveys, the peer presentations, and self-exploration experiences. Following this final discussion session, an online vote was conducted to elicit a recommendation for Montclair State University’s next LMS. Combining the survey findings and the voting results/statements, Canvas was recommended as the preferred LMS for the University.

May 2013

University Decision on Canvas

Upon carefully reviewing the recommendation from the Canvas evaluation committee, the University has decided to accept the recommendation and select Canvas as the future LMS for Montclair State University. Canvas will replace the Blackboard LMS and will be implemented university wide by Fall 2014.   The IT Division is collaborating with Academic Affairs and the Canvas vendor to work on the integration and authentication tasks. Early adoption faculty members are currently teaching their Fall 2013 coutrses, in Canvas.