Fact Book

Annual Fact Books present snapshots and trends pertaining to admissions, enrollment, student financial aid, degrees conferred, cohort retention and graduation rates, faculty and employees, finances, and a number of other aspects of the University.

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Fact Books

2013-2014 Fact Book

2012-2013 Fact Book

2011-2012 Fact Book

2010-2011 Fact Book

2009-2010 Fact Book

2008-2009 Fact Book

2007-2008 Fact Book

2006-2007 Fact Book(entire book pdf 2.2Mb)

2005-2006 Fact Book(entire book pdf 2.7Mb)

2004-2005 Fact Book(entire book pdf 2.6Mb)

2003-2004 Fact Book(entire book pdf 2.0Mb)

2002-2003 Fact Book(entire book pdf 605Kb)

2001-2002 Fact Book (entire book pdf 413Kb)

2000-2001 Fact Book (entire book pdf 460Kb)

1999-2000 Fact Book(entire book pdf 917Kb)

1997-1998 Fact Book (entire book pdf 346Kb)

1988 Statistical Profile of Montclair State College

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