Survey Research

Survey research is a key component of institutional planning and assessment at Montclair State University. OIR staff participate in survey design and administration, as well as in the analysis of survey data and report preparation. Included among these surveys are some that have an institution-wide perspective,  and others that have department- or program-specific orientations. A current calendar of planned OIR survey activity can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format by clicking here (survey calendar).  Copies of all surveys can be found in the OIR Portfolio of Survey Instruments

Please note that all OIR staff and work-study students have completed the "Human Participants Protection Education for Research Teams" online course sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  Completion certificates can be viewed here (pdf).

Target Populations:



Admitted Students (including both Enrolling and Non-Enrolling Students)
Summer 2009 Closed
Summer 2007 Closed
Newly Enrolled Students (including First Time Freshmen, New Transfers, and New Graduate Students)
Entering First-Time Freshmen  
Fall 2013 Report/Construct/ Theme
Fall 2010 Report 
Fall 2009 Report
Fall 2008 Report 
Fall 2007 Report 
Fall 2006 Report 
Fall 2005 Report / Trends
Fall 2004 Report/Trends
Fall 2003 Report
Fall 2002 Report
Fall 2001 Report
Fall 2000 Report
Fall 1999 Report
Entering Freshmen Survey  
Fall 2011 Closed
Entering Transfer Students  
Fall 2007 Closed
Fall 2005 Report
Entering Graduate Students  
Fall 2008 Closed
Fall 2006 Closed
Continuing Students
National Survey of Student Engagement  
Spring 2012 Report/Trends
Spring 2009 Report / Trends
Spring 2006 Report / Trends
Spring 2005 Report
Spring 2004 Report
Spring 2003 Report
Spring 2002 Report
Spring 2001 Report
Spring 2000 (Pilot) Report
Your First College Year (YFCY)  
Spring 2003 Report
Spring 2002 Report
Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Survey  
Spring 2013 Report/Trends
Spring 2010 Report/Trends
Spring 2007 Report
Student Technology Use (ECAR)  
Spring 2007 Closed
Spring 2005 Report
Graduating Students
College Senior Survey  
2011 Report
2010 Report
2009 Report
2008 Report
2007 Report
2006 Report
2005 Report
Commencement Survey  
2011 Closed
New Alumni Survey (One Year after Graduation)  
2010 Graduates Report
2009 Graduates Report
2008 Graduates Report
2007 Graduates Report
2006 Graduates Report
2005 Graduates Report
2004 Graduates Report
2003 Graduates Report‌ / Trends
2001 Graduates Report
1998 Graduates Report
1997 Graduates Report‌
Alumni Survey (Five or More Years After Graduation  
2000, 1995, 1990 Graduates Closed
Non-returning Students
Fall 2008 Closed
Faculty and Staff
Faculty Survey (HERI)  
2013-2014 Faculty Survey (Power Point)/Faculty Survey Profile
2010-2011 Faculty Survey 2010-2011 Report
2007-2008 Faculty Survey 2007-2008 Report
2004-2005 Faculty Survey 2004-2005 Report
2001-2002 Faculty Survey 2001-2002 Report
Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE)  
Spring 2012 Report
Spring 2009 Report
Spring 2006 Report
Spring 2004 (Pilot) Report
Noel-Levitz Institutional Priorities Survey (IPS)  
Spring 2010 Report/Trends
Spring 2007 Report
Technology Service & Support Satisfaction Survey  
2007 Report
2005 Report
OIR Effectiveness Survey  
Use and Satisfaction Survey : Fact Book