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  1. What is My Media?
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  3. How Do I Use MyMedia?
  4. How Does the MSU Community Use MyMedia?


What is My Media?

MyMedia is NJVid's video service here at Montclair State University. NJVid, known as New Jersey Digital Video Repository, is a service for video streaming and publishing of videos for higher education institutions. MyMedia provides a common online platform for presenting, accessing, and hosting MSU's licensed and locally produced videos that educate and enlighten viewers in support of hybrid and online teaching and learning.

MSU's MyMedia accommodates two types of video collections: Academic/Administrative Collections and Commercial Video Collections (the Sprague Library Collection).

Montclair State University Collections

How Do I Use MyMedia?

MyMedia can streamline locally produced videos to publish and deliver on the web not only to enhance instructional outcomes, but also to enrich administrative presentations and other projects. MyMedia can also authorize access to your videos based on the target audience you have determined. Information Technology provides thorough documentation to assist the Campus Community to use MyMedia. Check out our documentation below to learn how to use MyMedia:

To receive a MyMedia account to upload and share videos, we recommend attending our Camtasia Relay with NJVid and iTunes U workshop, or contact Patrick Scioscia at or Pamela Fallivene at for a 1-on-1 training session. To learn more about the Commercial Video Collection (Sprague Library), please contact Chung-Hei Lone, the Head of Multimedia Services, at or at  extension x7153.

How Does the MSU Community Use MyMedia?

  • Faculty Members: MyMedia provides a convenient environment to enhance teaching and learning. Many faculty members at MSU publish their original instructional videos to MyMedia for students to view. Faculty also can embed the NJVid-published videos into their Canvas courses to enhance their teaching. Students can then playback the videos at their own pace 24/7.
  • Library: The Sprague Library Collection of commercial videos encompasses many diverse fields such as art, health, biology, psychology, geography, American history, etc. These commercial videos are all available to the MSU Community.
  • Administrative Departments: Videos from Administrative Departments can be published in MyMedia. For example, Information Technology has published a number of videos, including the faculty presentations at the annual Summer Institute, tutorials for setting up devices, and tutorials for using various technologies.
Note: While wireless streaming should work, it is strongly recommended that faculty and students use a wired connection to a better experience and performance.