New wireless network expanding to all campus buildings


  • New wireless network available now in Partridge Hall, and Student Center early next week. Other buildings to follow.
  • If you haven't already registered your laptop or other device on the new network, please see instructions below.
The Details:

Montclair State University operates one of the fastest and most robust on-campus wired networks on the east coast. While we are quite proud of our wired network, we are equally aware that over the years our wireless network has not kept pace with recent advancements in technology and suffers from some coverage area and performance issues.

The Information Technology Division is therefore quite pleased to announce that we have reached the second phase of a three phase, two and a half year project to implement a brand new, state-of-the-art 802.11n ('N' standard) wireless network to all locations on campus. Phase I, which was completed this summer, focused on providing wireless connectivity to all of our residence halls. Phase II, which began mid summer, encompasses all academic and administrative buildings and is scheduled to be completed by June 30, 2011. Phase III, scheduled to begin in late Spring 2011, will extend the wireless network to all outdoor areas including parking facilities, the Amphitheater, Student Center quad, and the football field. Phase III is expected to complete by June 30, 2012.

The new wireless network has enhanced speeds and better signal coverage, as well as a streamlined online registration process that ensures all devices connecting to the network meet our baseline security standards.  Over the next few months as academic and administrative buildings come online with the new wireless network, students who plan to use wireless devices in the various buildings are asked to register those devices to ensure a smooth transition to the new wireless service.

**Please note: If you already registered your wireless device(s) during the Fall Semester 2010, you do NOT have to register it again to access the new wireless network (MSU-WiFi)

The first academic building to come online is Partridge Hall, and right now the new wireless network is running in parallel with the older network.  Early next week the old wireless equipment in Partridge Hall will be turned off, and only the new “MSU-WiFi” wireless network will be available. The Student Center is scheduled to come online early next week (week of 11/15)

For more information on the new wireless network and to see detailed instructions on how to register your laptop onto it, please visit the following link:

The online wireless registration page is available at:

(Remember, any wireless device that you intend to use on the new network MUST first be registered using the above URL. We recommend that you perform this registration process as soon as possible.)

We look forward to bringing you a faster, more stable, and more secure wireless networking infrastructure throughout the campus, and we thank you for your cooperation in reading the above documentation.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call the University Help Desk at x7971, option 1 or send email to