Faculty Spotlight: Using Blackboard Assessments to Keep Students Current

Dr. Josh Galster discusses his utilization of Blackboard assessment tools to ensure his students stay on track.

I use Blackboard to help keep students up to date with their readings. I found that students waited for the midterm or final to do the readings, and often this is too late.  To counteract that, I create weekly online quizzes in Blackboard based the previous week’s assigned readings. The students have 4 days (available Tuesdays and due Fridays) to complete a 5 question quiz, so it’s not time consuming for them, but it keeps them on top of the material. Blackboard automatically grades each quiz and enters it on the grade book, and I can even have a set of questions that Blackboard randomly chooses from (say, 5 out of 8 questions) to minimize problems.

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