Administrative Rights

The Division of Information Technology and the local technology support team control the environment to ensure maximum stability of systems, as well as, quick and efficient user support in the event that problems arise. As such, users have limited control of their desktop customization, and are not allowed to make changes to system configuration settings (i.e., network, antivirus settings, and updates).

Computers are provided to University faculty and staff, which are given User permissions to their desktop or laptop. A higher set of permissions called “Administrative Rights” would have to be approved for those users that deem it necessary to perform their professional activities. Approval from a department head is required.

Exception Criteria:

    Users with specialized software in which essential software does not allow non-administrative execution or is written in a way that would require the user to run as an administrator on the system. This will not apply if alternate non-administrative, a modified software configuration, or other reasonable alternatives exist. IT staff, as well as the user, will investigate other alternatives before this exception can be granted.

Restrictions on Approved Exceptions:

  1. The user must agree to abide by the Policy on Responsible Use of Computing and assumes full responsibility for their machine, which includes data backups and restores, non-standard applications, O/S upgrades, patches, and security settings. Note: IT is not responsible for the Admin User’s data.
  2. Where there is O/S instability, performance problems, data loss, or issues with software installation by the Admin user, the Admin user may consult with IT or their Technology Coordinator, but are solely responsible for any suggested fixes and for any incurred losses. Further, the Admin user will be responsible for the re-installation or configuration of any non-standard software.
  3. If it is determined that a system requires a complete re-installation of the O/S, IT or the appropriate Technology Coordinator will re-image the machine to the most recent standard campus build.
  4. All software installed by the user must be obtained legally and used in accordance with the software’s license agreement and terms of use.
  5. IT staff will retain exclusive use of any built-in Administrator account, along with a Secondary Administrator account.

Revocation of Rights:
A user’s administrative rights may be revoked for the following reasons:

  • User no longer uses software that requires administrative rights.
  • User is no longer in a role that requires administrative rights.
  • User is not in compliance with MSU’s policies.
  • User demonstrates unsafe computing practices while having administrative rights.
  • User is involved in a data or security breach as a result of having administrative rights.
  • User requires excessive support from IT staff as a result of having administrative rights.

The decision to revoke user administrative rights will by made by IT Management based on documentation of any of the above conditions and will be communicated to the user in writing prior to implementing the revocation.

To request administrative rights, please complete the Administrative Rights Request Form.

last revised March 2013