Are You Due for a Computer Replacement?

Please have your serial number ready to utilize our Computer Replacement Program website to confirm when you are due for a computer replacement.

What is the Computer Life Cycle Replacement Program?
In order to ensure that University personnel have access to current computing technology appropriate to fulfilling the responsibilities of their jobs, the “Computer Life Cycle Replacement Program” was instituted in 2003. This program provides for replacement of machinery installed in our University Computing laboratory facilities as well as those machines provided to all full time faculty, eligible full time staff and permanent percentage of time staff every forty-eight months. Eligibility for the program is determined by the Information Technology Division’s Director for Technical Support Services in accordance with the “Policies Governing the Use and Acquisition of Computers Provided to University Personnel” which is reviewed annually by the Vice President of Information Technology in collaboration with the University’s Vice Presidents and Academic Deans. With each cycle of the program, the Information Technology Division replaces over 4,000 computers campus wide.

What do I need to do to replace my current computer?
You will be contacted by either a representative from the Division of Information Technology or your Local Technology Support Team regarding your computer replacement. To help expedite the replacement process, we ask that every member of the community with a computer log in to the computer replacement web site, using the links provided at the end of this message, and ensure we have the serial numbers for all computers assigned to them in our data base. Doing so will enable the University to establish a definitive inventory of computers that are operating on campus and better manage and plan for the replacement of these assets in the future.

After signing in to the web site and providing the requested information, the application will identify the leased computer that has been assigned to you by IT as your primary device as well as the scheduled replacement date. In the event that this information is not available, the University Help Desk will investigate the issue and contact you with further information. If the computer that has been assigned to you is located somewhere other than your office, we ask that you provide the correct location of the machine to facilitate delivery of the replacement computer.

You will be presented with the make and model and specifications of the computers available to you to replace your current computer. Please review the Computer LifeCycle Replacement Policy‌ before making your selections. You will also have another chance to review the Policies Governing the Use and Acquisition of Computers Provided to University Personnel while in the program.

If you're ready to begin the tour of the site and arrange for your replacement computer, all you need to do is click on one of the links below and enter your NetID and password.

For *on-campus* access, please click on the following link: 

For *off-campus* access, please click on the following link:

If you have any further questions about the Computer LifeCycle Replacement Program or if you need assistance with the site, please contact the University Help Desk at extension 7971, option 1.